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Reza Aslan Hubbub and Should Women Have Opinions?

07/29/2013 1 comment

I am getting with the times and sharing this played out 3 millionth Fox blunder.  It is rather amazing FOX still continues to “shock and awe” all the Democrats out there who continue to give FOX plenty of attention and publicity.  Fortunately, the guest, Reza Aslan, was interesting enough to bear another liberal feeding frenzy.  As a less than educated average Jill, I am just bored of these stories that go viral, but I figured I would chime in for a minute from a perspective that is hardly being looked at: the feminist perspective.

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Epic Olympics: London 2012, Small Goal Challenge

07/26/2012 Leave a comment

The 2012 Olympics at London open in a single day and everyone is preparing for the 2 week drinking marathon. Read more…

Badminton for Bad Bitches

07/25/2012 Leave a comment

You may think Badminton is for lemonade bar-b-ques and good ol’ American family fun, but I’m finding out that Badminton is for bad bitches. I play Badminton and I play hard, but “I r not so good”, obvious by my bumbling and flopping awkwardly over the court.  It can look like a pansy sport because if you are doing it well, it should look effortless, but in actuality every move has to be extremely efficient.  You’ve got a small racket with a rubber and goose feather “shuttlecock” that you drive over a net. It sounds dirty Read more…