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I am a money nincompoop.  My understanding of the dollar is limited to whether or not it will help me get into some new stilettos this weekend.  I am older than I should be for having this simplistic of a concept of money and so I am ashamed to say I am a stock trading virgin.

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Giving While the Middle Class Shrinks

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“All you care about is money,” is the favorite phase of those relying on their own self-proclaimed nobility to crucify others for being interested in self-propagation. Dan Pallotta marvelously counters the sentiments behind this plebeian logic and argues wholeheartedly that success, not self-sacrifice, should be the cornerstone of philanthropy. And why shouldn’t it be? Are we so brainwashed by public opinion that we honestly think martyrdom is a better a solution than innovation? While the middle class shrinks, more of our neighbors need help than ever before, but protesting the top 1% and Wall Street is a reply that hasn’t given those who need it a single ounce of relief.
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Change for a Five

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UGH! 26 days later and it is still no easier than when I started this exercise!  I am here anyway, though.  I do not have a blog in me today, but I am giving it a go.  BOOYA challenge; I got this. Here are five things that have changed from the five changes I’ve made in the last five weeks. Read more…

Google Wave of the Future or Just Another Wave on Wave?

02/26/2010 1 comment

Mile upon mile got no direction,
We’re all playing the same game.
-opening lyrics to Pat Green’s Wave on Wave

I’m starting to think these lyrics were written about Google Wave.  Google Wave has been lying out in the sands of beta version for too long!  Body boarding has been great, but the Wave has so much potential and I’m ready for it to go live!  I know I’m not the only one because, in fact, researching the planned live date for the software is a popular search on Google.

The Wave has been invaluable in coordinating a recent website development challenge for SwervePoint.  But, commiserating with Francisco, our webmaster of choice, we decided, as frequent beach goers, we want to see all of those grey shells of buttons be active.  File uploads and downloads, chat, and folders!  Inclusion of screen shots within waves? These things would make Wave a comprehensive ecosystem for the development of IT projects.

Typing on Google Wave is no day at the beach either!  Derek Thompson writes in his post “Google Wave Live Typing is a Fatal Flaw”, “I’m not on Google Wave, but Slate’s Farhad Manjoo is, and he’s stumbled upon something hellish.” Sounds like someone is going to get a blistering sunburn, maybe from forced retirement, if Google execs can’t move this software to full-grown soon!

And where is my support and manual? I appreciate the advances in software Google is providing, but other vendors have complete guides.  How can I surf without a lesson? According to “The Missing Google Analytics Manual”, “Google has done a fabulous job putting together learning materials for their Google Analytics IQ Lessons.”  However, the post is clear that the same energy has not been put into an actual guide for Google Analytics.  If Google really hopes to take over Microsoft’s market share, they need to bring full-fledged products to the table.  In the meantime, I’ll hope Bryan and Jeff Eisenberg put together something similar to the following for Google Wave:

I guess if I can’t surf, I’ll go metal detecting.  Getting my certification in Google Analytics seems like the natural alternative path.  Since this Google product has been on the market long enough to be ready for swimsuit season, I’ll be glad to take advantage of the Google services related to it.  It’s so easy to purchase, too:  Maybe today Google is the one beach combing for tiny treasures, like $100 from my bank account.