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Insanity Day 12

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It’s the 1st day of school today; Jan. 13, 2014.  It is also the first day, ground zero, day 1, of Sean T.’s 60 day INSANITY program.

You see, I am ashamed to admit I started and promptly abandoned my New Year’s Resolution to take care of my health in a record 3 days this year.   Read more…

If You Were Counting..

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This past weekend marked 30 days of 30 blog entries.  Celebrating with one day off yesterday, I’m back with a boatload of irrational guilt like a dieter after a chocolate eruption cake binge.   Read more…

Change for a Five

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UGH! 26 days later and it is still no easier than when I started this exercise!  I am here anyway, though.  I do not have a blog in me today, but I am giving it a go.  BOOYA challenge; I got this. Here are five things that have changed from the five changes I’ve made in the last five weeks. Read more…

Learning Curve: Appetite Magic

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Abracadabra! Make your appetite disappear!

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Learning Curve: Running Sucks!

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Running sucks!  Oh–did you already know? The way I feel about running right now is the way my burnout exes feel about me–the more I do anything at all, the more it hurts.  If that’s not an indication, the dream I had last night where one anonymous dumpee was hunting me with a lunatic and a shotgun should. There are apparently plenty of reasons all my exes live in Texas. JAJA! Read more…

Epic Olympics: London 2012, Small Goal Challenge

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The 2012 Olympics at London open in a single day and everyone is preparing for the 2 week drinking marathon. Read more…