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Insanity Day 27

02/07/2014 Leave a comment

Waaahooooooo!!!  We made it!!!

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Farmer’s Market Anticipation

07/27/2013 Leave a comment

Twas the night before farmer’s market,

and all through the house,

not a student was studying,

not even an ounce.

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DOPE FIX: The Cool Hunter

08/22/2012 Leave a comment

There ain’t a thing I can say here,

That does justice above its peers,

The Cool Hunter is THAT spot,

That place the dope bitch ought,

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Nearly Raw Recipe: Pesto Sushi with Quinoa, Cucumber, and Tuna

08/19/2012 1 comment

Ode of Argentine

08/15/2012 Leave a comment

Learning Curve: Appetite Magic

08/11/2012 Leave a comment

Abracadabra! Make your appetite disappear!

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3 Keys to the 28 Day Whole Foods Challenge

08/03/2012 Leave a comment

The local grocer, a true artifact, was replaced by corporate economies of size.  Box stores with crowded aisles upon aisles, brimming with primary yellow and red prepackaged goods, added sugar products, and bumping, sloppy strangers, play barely audible white noise, pick-a-decade pop.   Read more…