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Insanity Day 27

02/07/2014 Leave a comment

Waaahooooooo!!!  We made it!!!

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I don’t know what day it is, but I’m still doing Insanity.

02/04/2014 2 comments

I think today is Day 23.  On Sunday I could barely finish the video and I was ready to wring Shaun T’s neck, but everyday I’m trying to get my push on.  I finally started the diet portion this week and I’m pretty sure my results are starting to peek out from behind the curtain of blubber.   

And it’s not just physical health I’m noticing results in.  I also find myself mentally pushing myself just a little bit more than before.  Now, when I’m ready to stop reading or working or studying, I hear Shaun T telling me to just do a little bit more and that I’ll thank myself later.

Of course, some of my focus is being spent on my growing obsession with before and after pictures and transformation videos, but this is the last week before “recovery week” and I’m allowing myself a little or a lot of workout porn to keep me inspired.   

Here’s to pushing your limits and getting the fitness you’ve always wanted. 

Insanity Day 12

01/23/2014 1 comment


Insanity Days 3 and 4

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Shaun T. apparently has a softer side and I trust the man.   Read more…

Insanity Day 2

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Shaun T. Shaun T. Shaun T. Shaun T. Read more…


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It’s the 1st day of school today; Jan. 13, 2014.  It is also the first day, ground zero, day 1, of Sean T.’s 60 day INSANITY program.

You see, I am ashamed to admit I started and promptly abandoned my New Year’s Resolution to take care of my health in a record 3 days this year.   Read more…

Are You Getting Enough Sodium?

08/13/2012 Leave a comment

Sodium is crack.  It is the compound abstraction of one of the five basic flavors that people get addicted to: bitter, sweet, sour, umami, and the almighty SALTY!   Read more…