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Creative Writing Exercise: Playing It Safe

07/24/2013 1 comment

So as party of my daily writing challenge, I’m open to anything.  Though I’m not short for ideas quite yet, I decided to push my creative juices a bit and hit the WordPress “Inspire Me” link.  I committed myself to three paragraphs and this is what happened next:

A picture is worth 1000 words. This safe has been through a lot. Tell its story. Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic

I managed to snag a single shot of the rusted devastation of a safe that housed the few items she thought deserved protection.  She was a beauty.  Tall, tirelessly strong, and emblazoned with enough scars to create the kind of character only Leonardo DiCaprio could play.  My great great great aunt twice-removed, that is–not the safe.  The safe, well, it was just a ratchet piece of carbon-emission contributing steel that even without the right combination was entirely too easy to open.  In middle school, I put my ear to better machinery on the lockers of girls I kissed and, by the way, had less success with them–the lockers (and the girls)–than I had with this artifact of 19th century aristocracy.

Inside, there was was nothing of any particular value, nothing more than the safe itself–just a few images of my great aunt with some people that didn’t look related to us, the requisite bag of marbles, some long dried out ink in a permanently fogged jar, and a letter or two that went on and on and on about the snarls of daily life at the turn of whatever century she was living in.  But boy, she was a beauty.  Perhaps her cheekbones were passed on thru the bloodline and I, by some cosmic crap, ended up with them—-too bad there wasn’t a mirror in that box.  I’d have taken that and always been reminded of her while looking at myself in it.

I pocketed the letters and the photographs, abandoned the rest of it, and spent years looking into the face of this distant relative whenever I felt lost, worthless, or alone.  She could hardly have been called relevant to me at first, but over time, she became something familiar, a character I knew, even loved. Her cheekbones, familiar, her stoic expression, familiar, her pinned bun forever atop her head, familiar, she seemed to step out of the photographs, or perhaps I into them.  And we would talk.  She gave the kind of feedback that made me feel like I was fulfilling my all too predetermined destiny.  I have 5 kids now and barely recall the feelings of angst I once had, but though they have no purpose, I cannot let go of the photographs.  I’ve locked them into my spouse’s safety deposit box and bequeathed them to my great great great great nephew twice-removed.  Perhaps he’ll have some use for them.


DOPE FIX: The Cool Hunter

08/22/2012 Leave a comment

There ain’t a thing I can say here,

That does justice above its peers,

The Cool Hunter is THAT spot,

That place the dope bitch ought,

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Why I’m Not on Facebook and Why You Should Consider It, Too

07/30/2012 1 comment

I’m not saying I’ll never take another sip of the Zuckerberg 90 proof.  No addict can guarantee they’ll never go back.   Read more…

Invention Corner –

07/21/2012 Leave a comment

1) Why doesn’t someone invent refrigerated lockers? If people rent out gym lockers for >$40 per month. I am sure they would spend plenty of mula to have their own individual cooled cubby.

2) As an after school, juvenile delinquency, or truancy program, why don’t we clean up less taken care of neighborhoods?  If we had kids team up to earn money by picking up trash, mowing lawns, weed-eating, and hauling trash from deteriorating neighborhoods we would be teaching entrepreneurship and hard work, keeping kids out of trouble, and cleaning up neighborhoods for cheap.  Since many of these kids come from these busy, lower income neighborhoods, we’d also be giving them some supplemental income.