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01/13/2014 Leave a comment

It’s the 1st day of school today; Jan. 13, 2014.  It is also the first day, ground zero, day 1, of Sean T.’s 60 day INSANITY program.

You see, I am ashamed to admit I started and promptly abandoned my New Year’s Resolution to take care of my health in a record 3 days this year.   Read more…


Exactly 1 Year Ago Today..

07/22/2013 Leave a comment

Exactly 1 year ago today…

I began and eventually completed a 30-day challenge to blog daily.  It’s time for another bout.

Perhaps this is the beginning of an annual late-summer tradition.
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Change for a Five

08/14/2012 Leave a comment

UGH! 26 days later and it is still no easier than when I started this exercise!  I am here anyway, though.  I do not have a blog in me today, but I am giving it a go.  BOOYA challenge; I got this. Here are five things that have changed from the five changes I’ve made in the last five weeks. Read more…

3 Keys to the 28 Day Whole Foods Challenge

08/03/2012 Leave a comment

The local grocer, a true artifact, was replaced by corporate economies of size.  Box stores with crowded aisles upon aisles, brimming with primary yellow and red prepackaged goods, added sugar products, and bumping, sloppy strangers, play barely audible white noise, pick-a-decade pop.   Read more…

Epic Olympics: London 2012, Small Goal Challenge

07/26/2012 Leave a comment

The 2012 Olympics at London open in a single day and everyone is preparing for the 2 week drinking marathon. Read more…