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Why I’m Not on Facebook and Why You Should Consider It, Too

07/30/2012 1 comment

I’m not saying I’ll never take another sip of the Zuckerberg 90 proof.  No addict can guarantee they’ll never go back.   Read more…


Day 10 – I Like Big Putts And I Cannot Lie

07/29/2012 Leave a comment

Day 10! I made it! I am here and that is enough! 10 days of blog launch! Thank you to everyone who is appreciative of my topics!

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Day 4: Discipline asks Balance to Dinner

07/24/2012 Leave a comment

So it is Day 4 of the Discipline Experiment and I’m back here again–except the real secret is it is actually still Day 3, but now that I’m meditating on accountability and sipping on balance, I’m on to the harder stuff and looking for the real high–anticipation and planning–the meat and potatoes of accomplishment.  This shouldn’t be too hard for me since my nickname in high school was “That Planner Girl”. (JAJA–there are worse things to be remembered for–though I’m pretty sure I am remembered for those, too.) Read more…

Day 3 – Discipline Takes Balance Out for Cocktails

07/23/2012 Leave a comment

Day 3 of the Discipline Experiment is happening–I am writing! and I am balancing out yesterday’s post, but then moving right along with my day.  After a brief introduction of balance (see previous post Day 2 – A Speed Date: Discipline Meets Balance), I have a reflection cocktail to sip on.  It’s called the Alone Time Ratio and it is my first taste of personal balance. Read more…

Day 2 – A Speed Date: Discipline Meets Balance

07/23/2012 Leave a comment

The Discipline Experiment (see previous Day 1 – the Discipline Experiment post) is underway. I’m on a second day of blogging. At first I did not think I had anything to write, but I held myself accountable. I developed some of my personal background noise and–BOOM BANG–I have LOTS to say (typical JAJA). Read more…