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Namaste to my Future Self

09/01/2012 Leave a comment

Namaste Future Workin Girl,

It’s September 1st, 2012.  After a year of re-calculating, and the last week full steam ahead, even breaking from blogging, I’ve embarked as a full-time freshman college student at 27.  Sitting amongst the eager, too cool, pimply and brace faced, tight bodied barely legal 18-yr olds, I am back at the beginning with 10 years on my classmates and 8 years of schooling ahead of me. Read more…


Change for a Five

08/14/2012 Leave a comment

UGH! 26 days later and it is still no easier than when I started this exercise!  I am here anyway, though.  I do not have a blog in me today, but I am giving it a go.  BOOYA challenge; I got this. Here are five things that have changed from the five changes I’ve made in the last five weeks. Read more…

Art Review: 100 Degrees of Wally Workman Gallery, ATX

08/06/2012 Leave a comment

Opening receptions at Wally Workman Gallery feel more like a post heated debate dinner party than the sterile, nipple-hardening white space of vacancy that many galleries achieve with cold perfection.   Read more…

The Brave Little Lowe’s Installer

08/04/2012 1 comment

The door bell rings. .. .. Or did it? Was it the transition of my pup from sweet, submissive, golden darling into Michael Vick’s guarding, deep throated pitbull that tipped me off?  I peek around the corner.   Read more…


08/02/2012 Leave a comment

“It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight.”
– Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita, Part Two, Ch. 29

Bang. ..
Bang. ..
Bang. ..
Bang. ..
Bang. ..
Bang. ..
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Day 10 – I Like Big Putts And I Cannot Lie

07/29/2012 Leave a comment

Day 10! I made it! I am here and that is enough! 10 days of blog launch! Thank you to everyone who is appreciative of my topics!

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