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It’s the 1st day of school today; Jan. 13, 2014.  It is also the first day, ground zero, day 1, of Sean T.’s 60 day INSANITY program.

You see, I am ashamed to admit I started and promptly abandoned my New Year’s Resolution to take care of my health in a record 3 days this year.   Read more…


Said No Reasonable Person Ever…

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The “Uni” in Uni-tard Does NOT Mean “For Everyone”

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Animals Twerking from the Huffington Post

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Animals Twerking from the Huffington Post

That is all for today.


Thank you Huffington Post Comedy.

UpDown.com for the Stock Trading Virgin

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I am a money nincompoop.  My understanding of the dollar is limited to whether or not it will help me get into some new stilettos this weekend.  I am older than I should be for having this simplistic of a concept of money and so I am ashamed to say I am a stock trading virgin.

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The Pope Says Gays are Okay and Lobbies are for Hotels

07/30/2013 5 comments

Yesterday the Pope came out.  Wait wait wait.  That’s not the story.  Yesterday the Pope came out and said that gays are okay.

He explains the Bible says they should NOT be marginalized, should be fully integrated into society, and should be welcome.  He goes on to ask, “Who am I to judge them?” And additionally says lobbies, of all sorts, are a problem.  (taken from a translation of today’s speech)

Well, thank god!  Or is it God?   Read more…

Reza Aslan Hubbub and Should Women Have Opinions?

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I am getting with the times and sharing this played out 3 millionth Fox blunder.  It is rather amazing FOX still continues to “shock and awe” all the Democrats out there who continue to give FOX plenty of attention and publicity.  Fortunately, the guest, Reza Aslan, was interesting enough to bear another liberal feeding frenzy.  As a less than educated average Jill, I am just bored of these stories that go viral, but I figured I would chime in for a minute from a perspective that is hardly being looked at: the feminist perspective.

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