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Insanity Day 27

Waaahooooooo!!!  We made it!!!

Today is the last day of the first round of DVDs!

Next week is Recovery Week.

Then the following week begins the second round of DVDs.  They are to be harder, longer, and generally murder, compared to the first round.  Let’s hope I’ve built up enough mental discipline to stay the course.  A lot of people quit during the first week of round 2 so I’ll just call it hell week.  Since I haven’t seen very dramatic results yet, I’m hoping round 2 is going to be my saving grace and not my last week.

I know I am stronger, more fit, more shapely, but I haven’t lost any of the fat or weight yet.  With a goal of almost 30 lbs looming and being 4 weeks in, I’m hoping results come soon.  I did start a food diary via an app from livestrong.com available for my iPhone and I can see some changes so I’m hoping this added part of my plan will bring me the visual changes that keep me motivated during hell week.

I’m thinking of buying a fit bit or a heart rate monitor as a reward for making it through the first month.  They say the hardest part is making the routine and this is the first time I’ve stuck to a program–especially during school.  I couldn’t have done it without my roommate holding me accountable–that’s for sure.  I think that is the biggest secret to sticking with a program for most people.  Having a routine with a friend is the most critical piece–especially when braving the likes of Shaun T.



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