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Insanity Days 3 and 4

Shaun T. apparently has a softer side and I trust the man.  Everywhere I go, I now hear the Insanity soundtrack and him yelling and pushing me to stay in it, keep focused, and dig depper.

imagesWhether it is Calculus homework or finishing laundry, Shaun T. is there for me and after yesterday’s recovery day DVD, I’m convinced this man knows what he is doing.  The program is challenging when I want it and lax when I need it.Though even after the recovery day I wasn’t able to maintain the intensity I gave the first two days, I’m motivated to keep going and I swear I’m already seeing results.

I’m dreaming of taking my first official selfie and posting my hard-won beach body in +/- 60 days.  I’ll definitely keep making time for this program and I can’t wait to earn that bikini selfie.

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