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Insanity Day 2

Shaun T. Shaun T. Shaun T. Shaun T.

It’s been one day with the guy and I already feel like he is my rock.  When my day gets tough, I conjure images of him yelling at me–“Stay in it, Ceec.  Stay with me, Ceec.  Keep working. Keep sweating.”  Shaun T., wherever you may be, YOU are my rock. 

Yesterday was rough–I couldn’t make it through all the exercises, but I did finish the video. YAY! Today should be worse, but we are ready.

And having added another person to our mini-group of asylum-ready Shaun T. disciples, we are now rolling 3 deep—4 if you count our mentor and savior, the almighty Shaun T.

Note: I suggest doing more calf exercises than included in the video.


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