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UpDown.com for the Stock Trading Virgin

I am a money nincompoop.  My understanding of the dollar is limited to whether or not it will help me get into some new stilettos this weekend.  I am older than I should be for having this simplistic of a concept of money and so I am ashamed to say I am a stock trading virgin.

football-gambling-stock-market-sports-ecards-someecardsI have never invested in anything for profit, for savings, or for retirement.  I took a Finance class in college, but I’ve long forgotten any principles learned or anything about principals for that matter, except that principals are not your pal.  So I decided I’m going to set a little bit of money aside for the future so I can begin to play the market and in the meantime, I’ve got to figure out the game.  That’s where UpDown.com (http://www.updown.com/) comes into practice.

UpDown.com is a website for virgins like me and even for veterans.  It is a place where one can use only fake money and amounts to buy, sell, trade, and watch a simulated market with all conditions holding the true.  That is to say the UpDown.com simulated market reflects real-time, actual prices, and bona fide behavior EXACTLY as the authentic market moves.  Would-be investors can test their theories, hunches, and investment ideas before taking the oh so intimidating plunge of committing their pocketbook.


My first purchase was 26 shares (about $1000) of AIG since I heard from a friend their earnings report was coming out.  I have never had so much fun as an adult with “monopoly money”.  I am going to work my way up to $10,000 of investments, cap off, and then research stock options.  Perhaps someday, I’ll get into the real game, but for now, I’m staying in the bush leagues with the fantasy teams where I belong.

Thank you UpDown.com for being my first!  I think I love you!

Note: If you’d like to track my progress or compete with me, my handle is WorkinGreekGirl.

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