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Reza Aslan Hubbub and Should Women Have Opinions?

I am getting with the times and sharing this played out 3 millionth Fox blunder.  It is rather amazing FOX still continues to “shock and awe” all the Democrats out there who continue to give FOX plenty of attention and publicity.  Fortunately, the guest, Reza Aslan, was interesting enough to bear another liberal feeding frenzy.  As a less than educated average Jill, I am just bored of these stories that go viral, but I figured I would chime in for a minute from a perspective that is hardly being looked at: the feminist perspective.

The issue that struck me as MOST unfortunate in this clip was NOT Fox’s continued extreme bias, but in fact, was how this female news anchor crumbled in the face of a male scholar.  It really is tragic that a female, and a ‘minority’ no less, is just giving all of those Fox viewers, Republicans, Democrats, and “educated” American nincompoops everywhere, an affirming example of their subconscious disrespect for the non-dominant point of view.  I mean honestly these viewers still find Fox’s agenda unexpected so my guess is their expectations for female journalism are just as outdated.

Chris Havins, an educated, intelligent man I know got it right, “Her producer needs to be reprimanded for failing to prepare her.”  Because besides being a puppet for Fox News, and a poster-child for the ills of the broken media machine, she is, also, a woman.  And let’s face it, most of America is still asking themselves if women, like me, should voice their opinion, and worse still, if they should have an opinion at all.

And THAT is why I love my blog..

Thank you WordPress for providing my voice with a space.

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