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Make More Time!


This is the famous flower clock in Geneva, Switzerland.

Nobody has enough time. Yadda Yadda Yadda.

Enough time, nobody has. Yoda Yoda Yoda.

Unfortunately, important things are falling by the wayside even as we promote ourselves towards success–especially our children, when they need it most.  Children, neighbors, friends, and family are getting the condensed version of everything these days. With so many 200 character quips flying in and over their heads, it’s no wonder the people you love struggle.  They need you to be more present, more thorough, more significant.

Here’s how to make up a batch of time:

1) Use a smaller scale and revel in those modest choices.  Do you really need to spend an entire day at CostCo loading up? Do you really need that birthday party invite list to be so long it includes your neighbor’s mother’s dog?  When you decide you want something, ask yourself if there are ways to simplify those desires and plans.  Start scaling back and appreciating smaller things by being more intimate with them.

2) Have less stuff.  Do you really need a cabinet full of figurines? Do you really need that many rooms in your house? Do you really need to keep stuff you don’t use?  If you have less clothes, less furniture, less decor, etc, you’ll have less stuff to clean and less stuff that requires maintenance.

3) Commit small chunks with no interruption.  You can get more done in half an hour of complete focus than you would believe.  You can get more done in half an hour of complete focus than you can get done in an hour with only a few interruptions.  Committing to small chunks decreases the chance for interruption, but it also is an extremely effective filter.  If you limit yourself to small chunks, you take care of the critical stuff, rather than generously misappropriating time to extraneous stuff.

Remember, a little bit at a time consistently, will do more for you than spurting and backtracking, spurting and backtracking. And perhaps, in the long run, your relationships will be deeper and your impact on the people you care about most will be more significant because there is no gift better than time itself, except YOUR time.

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