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Creative Exercise: The Color Blue

Blue is the heart of the cool family, sandwiched between the glory of green and the visceral viscus of violet.  Its soul is filled with deep and dark purple, old and mysterious, but its face is lit with fresh green energy.  Blue’s core is powerful and i’s plumage is beautiful.  It is a bird, subdued and resting, yet ready to take flight.

This is Blue Dance, a print from artist, Chidi Okoye.

This is Blue Dance, a print from artist, Chidi Okoye.

Blue is gentle on the eyes. Our irises are soothed by it’s entrance, and we are calmed as it refracts steadily and directly into our minds.  It appears smooth, absent of stark contrast or flaw.  Blue is beautiful, soft, and strong.

Blue feels cold.  It drops our body temperature and pulls us into its crisp, goose-bump inducing chill.  Blue is quiet with only the faintest tinkle of shattering snowflakes or the faraway rumbles from the ocean abysses.  It even oozes off the tongue like it has no where to be. Bloooooooooooooo.  It tastes mild, not spicy in the least, and not quite sweet or salty, but starchy, like a root, like a potato–hearty, distinctive yet discreet. And it smells like hardly anything at all with a sweet and watery undertone.

Blue is not red with rage and passion.  It is not orange-fully warm or cheer-fully yellow.  It is not alive like green nor regal like purple.  Blue is flowing, moving and surging in its inanimate inevitability.  Blue is unstoppable and methodical, uncontrollable, but never out of control.  Blue is modest.  Bountiful, but modest.  That is blue.

  1. 07/25/2013 at 5:26 pm

    What a great writing exercise! I really like this idea. I’m sure this could be done with other aspects of life as well. Bravo!

    • workingreekgirl
      07/25/2013 at 5:29 pm

      Hi! Thank you! I know I get the most random ideas to change the most inanimate things into something you can experience with all your senses… like what if you could taste jazz music…..

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