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Exactly 1 Year Ago Today..

Exactly 1 year ago today…

I began and eventually completed a 30-day challenge to blog daily.  It’s time for another bout.

Perhaps this is the beginning of an annual late-summer tradition.


Though seemingly born organically, traditions appear much more like fate than spontaneity, in hindsight. Like marking a child’s height on a door frame, or dipping into the ocean in the dead of winter, traditions are ways we mark the years as they pass and they remind us of our longevity and growth over time.

I did not set out to write a blog today.  I did not set-out to renew my 30-day writing challenge.  I had not even the slightest idea it was exactly a year ago that I kicked off 30 days of blog.

Nonetheless, the tides of my life have pushed me ashore, brought me home, and returned me to writing, yet again.  I have changed a lot in the last year, but like a tradition, I am the same, though new.

I am excited to share another month journal-ing.  And I pray that you, reader, recognize your own waves of inclination.  Let them take life so they may be your North Star, returning you to what is familiar, through the many adventures of your life.

The image is from 1899, The Gulf Stream by Winslow Homer, American painter.

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