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Namaste to my Future Self

Namaste Future Workin Girl,

It’s September 1st, 2012.  After a year of re-calculating, and the last week full steam ahead, even breaking from blogging, I’ve embarked as a full-time freshman college student at 27.  Sitting amongst the eager, too cool, pimply and brace faced, tight bodied barely legal 18-yr olds, I am back at the beginning with 10 years on my classmates and 8 years of schooling ahead of me.

This past month I learned “TIL”.  That is “today I learned”, common language amongst the lecture attending university kids.  TWIL (this week I learned) the grandness of my journey when I saw the stark contrast between myself and my peers, taking notes with their iPads while I made flashcards on old fashioned paper, sporting shirts of their various social clubs while I resurrected my Vans, and walking comfortably between their familiar buildings whilst I sprinted from one side of campus to the other and still managed to show up late.  In some cases, closer in age to my professors than my fellow study buddies, I find my natural friends are on the lecture stage as I struggle to relate to the friends sitting beside me.

Thankfully I’ve met a few humbling female friends, Teresa, Ana, Neelum, and Tammy, that have helped me with tips for this first week, tips they no doubt learned from their 1st-time freshman seminars.  I hope that I will return the favor over my 15 hours of courses this fall with life experience and time management tips for them.  But I wonder and fear if I may regress in maturity by taking this step so far backward, compared to my age equals.  Will it keep me young or will I lose ground on the wisdom I’ve accumulated since I left my parent’s home at 18?

So I say “namaste” to my future self. TWIL that namaste comes from the Hindi script, Devanagari, for bow (nam), my spirit (mas), and you (te). Literally, ‘the spirit within me bows to the spirit within you’.  When I complete my journey at nearly 35, I expect to have far more humility, discipline, and spirit than I began it with.  Humility I’ve begun to learn this week in subordination to my school mates, discipline I’ll be learning this next week as I struggle through Medical Geography, Finance 101, Psychology 101, and Pre-calculous homework, and spirit I’ll be cultivating with education and community at the University of Texas at Austin, coincidentally my alma mater. Go Horns!


Presently Studyin Greek Girl

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