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DOPE FIX: The Cool Hunter

There ain’t a thing I can say here,

That does justice above its peers,

The Cool Hunter is THAT spot,

That place the dope bitch ought,

To know or otherwise have fear,

Hipsters sadly will be what’s wrought.


Found amongst the jobless smokers of pot,

Thick rims, cut offs, and skinny pant males shall rot,

The Cool Hunter is a link oh so near,

Reflecting real creation in the mirror,

True innovation only sought,

An orchid eye for veiled gem seer.


At trendsters you can all but sneer,

Their cool is pathetically linear,

The dopeness is not so easily caught,

Like the image in a black ink blot,

Boxed lines and white picket fleer,

Mine cool in this trope, scatter plot.


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