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If You Were Counting..

This past weekend marked 30 days of 30 blog entries.  Celebrating with one day off yesterday, I’m back with a boatload of irrational guilt like a dieter after a chocolate eruption cake binge.  A week from today begins another round of schooling and I can only hope that this summer has given me enough time to turn blogging into long term habit and lifestyle.  They say it only takes 21 days to make a habit and I’m not going to lie, I rarely make it to 21 days of anything, but when I do, I’m sure to celebrate by taking 6 months off. That being said, if you were counting, here are the approximate days logged, respectively:

63+ days of not drinking

63+ days of not smoking

63+ days of not sexing

42+ days of not facebooking

30+ days of blogging

13 days of no iPhone or cell phone

6 days of Back to School running program

1st day back onto the Whole Foods Health Starts Here challenge

Starting anything is half the battle, but that happens to be my specialty.  It’s the other half of the battle that most of us struggle with: maintaining consistency long term by altering entire lifestyle.  That battle truly begins for me when school returns Aug 29th.  The experiment of persistence and longevity, discipline and balance, will truly be tested.  I will be forced to find ways to convert these gestures into lifestyle, including them daily, as my days change for the more chaotic.

The Set-up for Success:

1) Early to bed, early to rise.  I’ll need a 5am alarm if I plan to blog and run before I make class at 8am.

2) Night Showerer.  Morning showers can serve as a good slap in the face on a groggy morning, but with 5am goals, I’ll need to be doing this at night, as well as packing my bags and lunch at night so I don’t have a reason to skip healthy choices.

3) Planning for weaknesses and adversity.  For example, knowing at night that I won’t be in the mood to blog or run, to prevent skipping, I have to find a way to incorporate these things in the morning.  Knowing I have a big exam on a Friday that will require some last minute studying, I’ll have to find ways to make that day a skip day or to incorporate blogging/running post-exam.  Knowing there will be plenty of peer pressure to go to the bars for suspect A’s birthday, I’ll have to find ways to support friends without compromising my choices.

4) Taking a breath and asking what’s important.  The hustle and bustle of back 2 school can create artificial emphasis and stress of things that may not actually be important.  Is it important I be on time to study group or is it okay to be 15 minutes late if it means I get my workout in? Is it important I attend a supplemental seminar or is it better if I read a summary so I can blog? Is it important I find a phone at 1pm or will an e-mail suffice so I can continue breaking my dependence on mobile technology?

It’s a week out so I am already working on some of these things to avoid post-shock disheveling next week.  Let the games begin!

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