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Change for a Five

UGH! 26 days later and it is still no easier than when I started this exercise!  I am here anyway, though.  I do not have a blog in me today, but I am giving it a go.  BOOYA challenge; I got this. Here are five things that have changed from the five changes I’ve made in the last five weeks.

1) Capability and No Drinking – Ever since I quit drinking, my mind, my body, my spirit naturally build upon themselves every day.  I suppose that is why people benefit so much from recovery. Their health in all realms increases exponentially.  Things I’ve struggled with for years are now within my reach with little to no effort, like smoking.

2) Money and No Smoking – Ever since I quit drinking, I haven’t even thought about cigarettes.  I think I have one in my car, but it just sits there, unwanted, and alone, thankfully.  I didn’t mean to quit drinking or quit smoking, but I have tried and failed quitting the cancer stick probably 3 or 4 bakers’ dozens times.  Not only am I not around it, I have no desire for it and instead, I end up with extra mula that used to support my lifestyle.

3) Priorities and No Sex – Ever since I quit drinking and smoking, I haven’t had sex.  I am not sure if it is a lack of desire or opportunity, or more likely a combination of both, but my sex life disappeared with my drinking and smoking life.  The net result is a change in priorities.  When you don’t drink to have fun, smoke to socialize, or brownchickenbrowncow for exercise, your mind, heart, and body realign and your needs change. Now I require challenges or competition to get that fun edge like racing friends, betting on putt-putt, or trivia games.  My heart requires deeper, realer interactions when I socialize so I am getting to know people through their stories and also learning a considerable amount of wisdom from them rather than jest and small talk over a beer and a smoke.  And finally, my body has a natural inclination for endorphins so I find myself at Barton Springs and Zilker Park more often, skinny dipping at Lake Travis, or running around silly with my dog in open fields—literally prancing.

4) Time and No Facebook – Ever since I quit drinking, smoking, sexing, and facebooking, I have time, lots of time.  I have time to shop and spend that cigarette money on new cooking or swimming gear and I have time to cook and swim.  I have time for this blog that is proving way more productive and enlightening for myself and for the loyal readers than snarky facebook posts and comments.

5) Adventure and No Cell Phone – Well it has only been 6 days, but I can confidently say I do not miss the thing at all.  I have not once needed it.  I ask strangers what time it is and they are always friendly.  Sometimes light conversation.   I luckily haven’t had any MUST have picture moments, though I do have both watch and camera on the way from Amazon.com because I am anticipating I will need one or both of these in the next 60 days of cell phone less living.  The thing I really don’t have anymore though is distraction and waiting.  Now, without a cell phone, when I decide to do something.  It is time to do it.  There is no, ‘let met respond to this person’, ‘let me invite that person’, ‘let me research’ or multi-task, or generally fill time that could be spent getting somewhere with only thinking about getting somewhere. As a result, I am finding myself on an adventure nearly daily.  With no dependency, set schedule or destination, or party to meet, I have no obligation to anything except fulfilling my plan on my own and working it out as I go with the resources I have.  Want to travel? Buy a ticket for yourself, pack your belongings and go.  Want to skinny dip at Hippie Hollow? Find a spot and go. Want to explore Eastie? Leash the dog and go. Go. Go. Go.

And this conclues this episode of Change for Changes.

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