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iPhone 5! Wait and Woot!

Phone. Dead. Over.
Not Replacing. Over.
Waiting for i5. Over and out.

A sprinter’s delivered verbal message, a horse driven letter, a postcard, a telegram, a land line, a car phone, a cell phone–THE iPHONE. “Boom goes the dynamite.” Communication technology has accelerated exponentially and now with major dependency, we wait for the release of the next. Without being able to see or touch it quite yet, everyone is talking more and more AND more about the iPhone 5 with the virginal anticipation of schoolboys. When is it ‘coming’? Not quite sure, but we are sure fumbling for that sweetness avidly. Good bets are on September 20th, 2012, ie 7-10 days after Apple’s Fall event where announcement is confidently expected.

It’s going to be a long 2 months for me, longer than the rest of the schoolyard, because my iPhone 4 just hit the bed and I refuse to replace it less than 60 days away from the iPhone 5 release. Why? “Oh. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” – Elizabeth Barret Browning, Sonnets from the Portuguese (1850)

1) I hate replacing things and love experiments. My iPhone 3GS was stolen while I was working in marketing on the East Coast several years ago. I refused to replace it and depended exclusively on my land line. Turns out, my boss was not too much of a fan of my default lifestyle, so I graciously accepted a brand spanking new iPhone 4, ending my land line dependency experiment prematurely. Time for another go!

2) I am currently self-employed and single with no one to answer to and I may never have another chance in my life to be utterly and completely cell phone silent–does this count as a vow of silence?

3) I need to stay focused on this blog so I’m really doing it for the readers. 😉

4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) BECAUSE THE NEW IPHONE IS SUPPOSED TO BE RIDICULOUSLY RAD/AWESOME/IMPROVED/SICK/DOPE/BETTER. Here is an abbreviated list of aggregated features from all the cult, rumor, and prediction blogs: centered, larger camera lens (For anyone who knows anything about photography, megapixel really is irrelevant for most users though the mobile device marketing teams have us believing something totally different, it is all about the lens.), larger 4 in. HD display, larger battery, 4G LTE (No more dependency on WiFi for facetime!), A6 processor, and iOS6.

10) And the final reason I am waiting for the iPhone 5 is Joanna Stern told me to.

For her full article, please see the link from the beautiful young female journalist holding her own in the tech sector: iPhone 5 Rumor Guide: Features, Release Date, and Why to Wait for Newest Apple Smartphone – ABC News.

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