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The Brave Little Lowe’s Installer

The door bell rings. .. .. Or did it? Was it the transition of my pup from sweet, submissive, golden darling into Michael Vick’s guarding, deep throated pitbull that tipped me off?  I peek around the corner.  Behind the glass stands a weathered Mexican, with a nearly tangible cloud of memories of years of hard work.  He’s come to let me know that ‘John’ will be joining us shortly.  His words flutter and jump from subject to subject like an excited and buzzing worker bee anticipating a visit from the Queen.  He prefers to wait outside so we remain isolated for several minutes, awaiting ‘John’s’ arrival.

From the world emerges yet a third Lebowski. With all the intent of “The Dude”, he approaches without words, breaking the silence irreversibly with his introduction; “I’m just an old hippie.” Moments later he adds, “literally older than dirt” and his eyes avert to the ground for the first and only time.  Maybe he is remembering some fading memory of seeing Santana live in Austin in the 70s.  This town is the mecca for the music junkie, Jeff Bridges burnout type and he is the peak of his kind, a true owner of wisdom.  You can guess at the long, incredible, lifetime journey of experiences that hang onto his beard, best characterized as browning, rather than graying.

“Dude” Numero Dos’ story begins with The Moody Blues.  Quoting “thinking is the best way to travel”, and moving to Taj Mahal, reciting “take a giant step outside of your mind”, he announces he knows the guy who inspired Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Johnson to play the guitar at all.  These musical references are parroted to lend credibility in Austin as one would parrot a resume in any other city in the world.  In the Live Music Capital of the World, you have to prove your relevance to society with extensive knowledge of the art of music.

“The Dos” has a daughter with an album that an Atlanta producer characterized as “the most studio ready music” he’s ever heard—-look for “Something’s Missing Here” to come out in a few years.  “The Dos” also has a Doctorate of Divinity, is roommates with an internationally known Hindu ‘Sita’, and can stare down German Shepherds and Dobermans, in true Jeff Bridges goat-staring form.  The man is a plethora of both knowledge and wisdom.  The difference between the two he explains by referencing an Almanac full of rainfall numbers, asking, “How much rainfall can you actually squeeze from a book?”

In between commentary on the state of the world, this unassuming Lowe’s installer spatters life knowledge befitting of Yoda.  Carole King? An example of a feminist artist that didn’t get “sold down the river for fame”.  Bob Dylan? Stevie Wonder? Lyrical content unrivaled today with the lesser “oh you broke my heart, I don’t drink any more or drink any less” country western “cry in my beer” verses.  He believes artists should sing nothing if they have nothing to say.  Rising Sun? A movie with Wesley Snipes and Sean Connery that challenges how one thinks.  “The Dos” believes HOW TO THINK is far more important than what to think.

He is a student of philosophy, this man, and believes we spend our time fixing the blame instead of the problem.  There is so much potential for education here, though India boasts more PHDs per capita than any other country he says.  But education flounders because of reliance on recitation rather than critical thinking.  He cites word roots like he cites classic musicians.  Did you know that the root for the word ‘spirit’ is only “breath”? No more, no less, “nothing metaphysical”.  The root for the word ‘try’ is to grind.  The root of ‘personality’ is mask.  The exercise is begging you to go beyond current vernacular rather than lazily limiting yourself to current accepted meanings.  He states the foremost neurologist in the world says the brain processes 10 million megabytes per second.  His point is we need to take control of our language and thinking by yoking our heart, our body, our mind like yogis of past and present, recommending Paul Brunton’s “The Hidden Teaching Beyond Yoga” as an exploration into changing your thinking so you may accomplish your true quest of life.

Far from obsolescence, this aged man has proven his relevance 10X over with his youthful mind not listed in his musical resume.  I nearly forgot I had a dishwasher being installed, upon returning from a journey of thought with him over the last hour.  I emerge ‘Dos’ed with a feeling of celebration of cerebration.  The faint and natural glow of being interested in what’s being said spreads around the bulb of my forehead and a thin smile awkwardly snakes sideways across his face and for one of those transient moments, there is a glimpse of the adolescent buried within us both.  His word is done.

He departs with clasped hands, “Namaste, I respect the light within you,” and with a final fugacious smile, “Aloha Friday, no work until Monday!”

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