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Why I’m Not on Facebook and Why You Should Consider It, Too

I’m not saying I’ll never take another sip of the Zuckerberg 90 proof.  No addict can guarantee they’ll never go back.  Besides, Facebook is completely unavoidable, especially once you’ve stored countless photos and information there.  Like a food addict’s worst nightmare, it is everywhere and so ingrained in daily life that you can’t simply just skip the happy hour to get away from it like an alcoholic.  What I am saying though is being deactivated is the best thing I do for myself, second to being straight edge.  I could give you 100 reasons why, but here is the grit:

3) Protect the Power, the Izzah

Most people, by nature, are judgmental or dealing with some insecurities or fears that they either project onto others or use to interpret the world and most companies are just trying to take your money.  When someone gives people something personal, that someone gives them power.  Power to use their own information against them.  Haters gon’ hate, but why would I voluntarily increase my exposure to people and companies who are just going to use my own information against me?  We should be striving for supportive, fruitful relationships, not the degradative interactions of trolling, advertising, and complete apathy for that marathon you just ran via the ‘like’ button.

When someone publicizes their life, they not only open themselves up for undeserved and unproductive criticism, they are also re-locating their center.  However small, the dependence on likes and/or witnesses, inversely affects a person’s center by moving their self-satisfaction partially outside of themselves.  Doing things for you and ONLY you should be enough.  Anything different and you risk inhibiting your own self-gratification and self-satisfaction.  Worse still, it gives businesses and society all the space in the world to pressure you into being discontented with who you are via the pressure of looking like “this” and living like “that”.  Everyone loses when “Keeping Up with the Jones'” is a way of life, but most of all, you do.

2) The Past is The Past

Facebook’s entire infrastructure is built off social sharing and that includes people from the past, thus keeping the past alive, well past the due date.  Lives move on, friends go different ways, relationships fall apart, but Facebook keeps all this on ice for you, reminding you daily of what is no longer when you should be focusing on what lay ahead.  Reminding yourself of the coworker you miss or the house you once lived is the best way to keep yourself from happiness that is found who you are with NOW and where you will be TOMORROW.  (Note: This should not keep you from maintaining your relationships or your network, but should encourage you to have a direct interaction like a quick text or postcard, rather than just watching on the Facebook stalking sidelines.)


Ever think there isn’t enough time in the day? Ever here you can’t add hours on top of the 24 you’ve got? I call bullshit! You need more time for all that at home leg waxing, your new bedazzling career, and preparing your own lunches? Give up your ‘book.  Since I gave up Facebook and alcohol, I have about 10 additional hours per week I get to do whatever the hell I want! I’ve traded the reading of useless content, like a friend missing Sinbad and Hanging with Mr. Cooper, for inspiring stories like how Eagle Scouts are returning their medals for gay rights, from GOOD.  I’ve traded completely un-based and biased ‘facts’ from friends’ Facebook soap boxes for real information from accredited sources like the NYT.  But most of all, I have free time I’ve never had before.  I’ve joined Sure Shots, a women’s pistol club, a Badminton team, have a putt putt game that’s rivaling Tiger Woods, and started writing again regularly.  When you stop watching other people YOLO, you put your mind where your mouth is and starting living it rather than status’ing it.

Live. Live today, not yesterday.  Live yours, not theirs.  Live. You Only Live Once.

Living off the Facebook grid has changed my life with immediate creativity and sudden adventures. I cannot wait to account for the changes in a year from now.  The aggregate will be epic.

I wonder–how many positive things have others experienced by limiting their social outlets?

If that doesn’t give you pause, check out this beautiful video:

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    Pleisnag you should think of something like that

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