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Day 10 – I Like Big Putts And I Cannot Lie

Day 10! I made it! I am here and that is enough! 10 days of blog launch! Thank you to everyone who is appreciative of my topics!

The biggest problem with beginning anything is making it a permanent part of your life. I am continuing to meditate on that in this blog. But in favor of balance and my recent heavy time expenditure on the blog, today I am saying it is okay and giving myself a freebie. I’m off to Peter Pan for putt putt (one of the healthy ways I have re-defined my life away from alcohol and sedentariness) and Mr. Natural for some healthy, but gourmet vegetarian options.

If you haven’t putt putt in a hot minute, get OUT there. It is seriously so much fun. It is my anti-drug. When I first quit drinking, I went 4X/week. The hours tend to keep late enough, similar to bar times, and there is absolutely no pressure or temptation, but still lots of activity, people, and laughter. ┬áIt is one place where I don’t think about anything else and I am just fully present for fun–which is handy since I no longer have alcohol to take me out of my mind and into the moment.

Thank you again for staying tuned as I work out the re-education of Cizzle Furtado.

XOXO booboo-jis.

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