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Raw Recipe: Young Thai Coconut Yogurt

NO SACRIFICE. Every taste was clean and rich, the purity of the ingredients hitting the palate with sweet abandon.”

This recipe is gluten free, animal free, dairy free, oil free, nutrient dense, and plant strong.  (see previously posted Day 8 – Whole Foods Health Starts Here Class)

2 cups packed young Thai coconut meat*

1/2 cup young Thai coconut water (as needed)

2 tsp lemon juice

Puree all ingredients together.

Serve with Fruit and Hemp Seed Breakfast Muesli.  (see next Raw Recipe post)

Wasn’t that ridiculously easy?

Now you can spin this off into anything you want. The joy of cooking raw is being creative.  I had some leftover blueberries and a little sweet basil from the Concho garden.  I threw them into my ingredients during the puree process and briefly chilled it in the freezer.  Then I reveled in a Blueberry Sweet Basil Ice Cream while I watched Wuthering Heights.

I’m thinking about adding some dill and cucumber to make a Coconut Tzatziki sauce for a raw gyro next time.

*Young Thai coconuts can be found at Whole Foods.  Pick one or a few up and walk over to the nearest counter.  They will hack the top off in the back and re-wrap it so you don’t have to learn how to open it at home.  Otherwise, all you do is take the heel of a knife and hack the top in single strong strokes as you turn the coconut.  Essentially, you should be left with a circle of about 4 hacks so you can pop off the top.  Then just pour the water into a dish and scoop the meat into another dish with the spoon.  Easy as Thai–I mean pie.  See pictures below.

Note:  Each coconut yields different amounts.  In my experience, 1 coconut is about one serving between 200 and 400 calories.

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