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Day 6 – What Is An Alien?

I am an ill-ien.

What is an alien?

An alien is someone who is in any way beyond the constructs of their environment, resources, and/or society.  It is, also, someone that has to phone home, but often is without a phone, leaving them off in la-la land for extended periods of time.  Aliens are dreamers; they are day dreamers, night walkers.  Aliens tend to have limited social skills and tend to connect with things most people don’t like very much.  Examples include, but are not limited to statistics class, H2O hot pink leopard skinny jeans, purple sizzurp, diamond teeth, strange combinations, dinner for breakfast, habanero smoothies, chupcabras, putt putt, note cards for personal use, and imaginary friends.  Aliens know you are not kidding when you say YOLO.  They are often hard to locate, but they are commonly found in their natural habitat, which is mostly a mystery, but is suspected to be cool, dark, quiet places with steady supplies of sriracha, chicken wings, avocado, and beats.  An alien doesn’t totally understand humanity or life on Earth so instead just makes up life as it goes and gets to know as many humans along the way as are willing to embrace it.

Keep Austin Weird.

This blog is a tribute to my late lover, David Salem, whom I will never stop loving, never stop missing, and never forget.  It is also dedicated to Leslie Cochran, a true lover and leader of the oasis that is Austin, TX, whom I had the pleasure of embracing before his passing.  Austin will live on in the wake of your inspiration.

RIP March 08, 2012

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