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Day 5 – Sheep vs. Aliens, Part 1

Take me HIGHER. Quench my THIRST.

I just want to be someone for the world.

I just want to be someone to you.

Day 5 and we’re both back for more.  Why?  Because I don’t want to be a sheep.  Because y’all don’t want to be a sheep. Because Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Because y’all want to get HIGHER, incite movement, make a difference for someone, for anyone, for yourself.  Most of us are so totally bored by our existence, we become numb to the world, numb to our dreams, past the point of hunger–but not me, and not you; I AM THIRSTY!

My dreams revolve around the deserts of Egypt.  I move with a royal husband from slaughtered oasis to slaughtered oasis post-wedding festivities and feast.  Pungent lavender rose petals harden as they fall from the camels, leaving a soon covered trail back to where we were born.  I am him, leading through sand storms, inspiring hope in her.  I am her, continually disappointed when we are not served while my other half looks the other way.  I witness owners wasting bits of H2O on plants while humanity withers.  I am the camels, complacent with parched, cracking brown dusty lips, taking solace in my mission to trudge, encouraged by the desperate and loving arms thrown around my neck.  On to the next illusional oasis, the next promise, the next deception, the next failure.

I want more for myself.  I want more for my ‘prince’, for camel, for oasis owner.  I’m not going to get there by looking outside of myself and looking inside the system.  That is only doing what I can with what I’ve got.  I have to create ambrosia, manna, nutritional butter, glorious waterfalls from within.  I have to think harder, push further, evolve faster, do more.  I have to create another stratosphere.  I am not a wandering sheep, burning up under the magnifying glass of greed.  I am a builder.  I build motivation, I build discipline, I build muscle, I build my writing, I build myself.  I will not wait to be served by the lost and weary.  I will build my oasis, for me, for him, for them, for you.  I have tasted the sustenance of gods past, recipes for nutrition from another world left in hieroglyphs around the world.  And with those nutrients, vitamins, knowledge, I will overcome my own humanity, BE higher, BE quenched, BE more, MAKE CHANGE.

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