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Day 4: Discipline asks Balance to Dinner

So it is Day 4 of the Discipline Experiment and I’m back here again–except the real secret is it is actually still Day 3, but now that I’m meditating on accountability and sipping on balance, I’m on to the harder stuff and looking for the real high–anticipation and planning–the meat and potatoes of accomplishment.  This shouldn’t be too hard for me since my nickname in high school was “That Planner Girl”. (JAJA–there are worse things to be remembered for–though I’m pretty sure I am remembered for those, too.)

Tomorrow is my first fully booked day since I began attempting to write daily just 3 days ago.  I’ve got pre-calculus, statistics, and my first day at badminton club.  Yes, you read that right.  These are some of the things that keep me busy when I’m not trying to be a real person online.  Wait what? Okay. You’re right.  Let me rephrase: when I’m not trying to become a real person by teaching myself how to break out of sheepdomhood (see Day 5 – Sheep vs. Aliens).  Well, I am holding myself accountable for a Day 4 blog on Day 3 because I am realizing to maintain balance, I probably will not have time to write tomorrow. Anticipation is key to any project, personal (diets, learning piano, etc.), corporate (integrations, campaign creations, etc.), or otherwise, so you can properly prepare.  Condoms are simply no good if the time has already cum (JAJA, pun intended) and planning is how I am preventing a skipped cycle if you know what I mean.  In order not to skip tomorrow, maintain balance and accountability, I have to anticipate and act accordingly and thus will avoid an unplanned ..  … .. … .. failure.

Cheers to planning and prevention by early action!

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