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Day 3 – Discipline Takes Balance Out for Cocktails

Day 3 of the Discipline Experiment is happening–I am writing! and I am balancing out yesterday’s post, but then moving right along with my day.  After a brief introduction of balance (see previous post Day 2 – A Speed Date: Discipline Meets Balance), I have a reflection cocktail to sip on.  It’s called the Alone Time Ratio and it is my first taste of personal balance.

I’ve realized for every group social events I participate in, I need at least a 2:1 ratio in equal and opposite alone time events.  In other words, to re-coop, for every 1 cooking class night + 1 night out with friends, I need 1 night staying in, eating in bed, not showering, booty clapping in the mirror (everyone has to practice sometime), and general shopping and trolling absurdity.

1 day of class + 1 afternoon of putt putt = 1 day of writing, reflection, reading, and research (see the 4R Cocktail).

If I can manage to anticipate  these needs and plan accordingly for personal time, I am more likely to be in my optimum state of mind for making decisions ie. at peace, thorough, not rash, fully accountable.  The decisions may be small steps like deciding to run instead of deep frying a twinkie and dipping it in the leftover dairy creamer because I haven’t gone grocery shopping or bigger decisions like where and how long to study abroad.

But no matter what the decision, I am bound to make better decisions when I am in balance and this ultimately helps to achieve my goals–be it running consistently or earning a 2nd degree in a new field.  It also eliminates the need for depleting and hard sacrifice that everyone touts (read: pffffffffttttt) about and rarely succeeds in sustaining.  Thus, it prevents the equal and opposite reaction of YOLO and without YOLO there is no yo-yo, yo.  Vicious cycle killed, balance will be easier to sustain the longer balance is in place.

So I’ll pass on the epic, the sacrifice, the YOLO.  Give me a good sustainable ratio instead.  #ROLO (Ratios On Life Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm)

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