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Day 2 – A Speed Date: Discipline Meets Balance

The Discipline Experiment (see previous Day 1 – the Discipline Experiment post) is underway. I’m on a second day of blogging. At first I did not think I had anything to write, but I held myself accountable. I developed some of my personal background noise and–BOOM BANG–I have LOTS to say (typical JAJA). Today personal accountability and discipline meet balance briefly for a quick interview round. Let me introduce the Balance Study.

Eastern philosophy would have me believe “the answer” is simply balance, nothing more and nothing less. According to major Tao and Buddhist philosophers, my smart friends, every women’s magazine at the checkout stand, and Oprah, balance is supposedly the key to everything, especially for the “I want to have it all” generation. But most of the time I am busy yo-yo dieting, binge drinking, speed dating, running around like a chicken with my head cut off, and exploiting an already unhealthy amazon.com account. Why do I fail to internalize and implement balance? What holds me back from internalizing and implementing the idea of balance? Is it the high I get when I am up at 110% or is it because in my society, all I have ever known is overdrive, overconsumption, and overabundance?  Is it the pressure from my parents I grew up under to overachieve or else? Is it the glamorization of epic winners, athletes, celebrities, people of the year, that keep me from reasonable goals with reasonable plans? Is it the glamorization I have been conditioned to associate with one in a million stories rather than with the slow and steady turtle that wins the race?

Well, WHAT IS IT? Guess what? I have the answer! The answer is..(drumroll)….WHO CARES! The answer is you cannot control the past, your environment, or reactions and traits developed as a result of unmonitored development. The things you can control are yourself, the way you can be, and how you move forward with your development. Just as accountability is heavily intertwined with discipline, so it is with balance. To manage my balance, I need to think about it, monitor it, and consider how my actions are contributing to either its stability or instability.

To be continued…

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