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Day 1 – The Discipline Experiment

Why CAN’T I keep up with this blog? Why do I get so excited about things that I CAN’T stay focused on the other things I’m already excited about?

Or in other words why DON’T I stay focused? Why DON’T I keep up with this blog?

They always say “Never Say Can’t”, but the pure ubiquity of this cliche inspires hurling within me rather than growth.  But like a nagging mother, there is still a point; I should be holding myself accountable.  If I hold myself accountable for getting distracted or dissatisfied or overwhelmed, will I change my previous pattern of blog abandonment? Will other things change when I start recognizing and overcoming my laziness and goldfish attention span?

If everyone held their selves accountable in this way, would we have less people hiding behind the excuses “this is just who I am” and “this is just how I am”, while they swim round and round the glass bowl?  Would we have less people medicating behavioral and personality issues that could be worked on?  Would we have less complacency if we thought we could do things we don’t?

Can I change the way I interact with myself and my life?  Can I overcome my own worst enemy, myself, by increasing my discipline with accountability?

Can people really change?

Let’s do an experiment. I will be the independent variable. I will manipulate myself by holding myself accountable mentally. The dependent variable will be discipline, exhibited in maintaining this blog for an extended period of time.

This is the beginning of the story of my coming of age… in media res….

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