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The Why Chronicles: Egg, Part 1

Cizzle, on eggs for breakfast:

Why didn’t the egg hire the video vixen?

  • Because he figured she was the same hoe that was on his homeboy O-JayZ’s video.

Why didn’t the egg’s gangster rap career take off?

  • His beaters were too soft.

Why didn’t the egg’s R & B career take off?

  • Because the chickenhead came first..

What did the critics say about Humpty Dumpty’s new album?

  • He fell off.
How do you get your egg on like a gangster?  Check out this Tommy Gun Fryer for all the gangstas in your life that get down with a hearty breakfast.  Because yo mama told you!
Click on the image below to find it on stupid.com.  Happy breakfast eating!
Gangster Egg Fryer from stupid.com
If you didn’t know breakfast could be gangster, check out this video from Remy.  Remy has been featured on many major news channels for the hilarity of his delivery of relevant and contemporary topics. Check him out at goremy.com.
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