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Hometown Glory, Part 1: Austin

Cizzle, on hometowns:

“Round my hometown, memories are fresh
Round my hometown, ooh, the people I’ve met
Are the wonders of my world, are the wonders of my world
Are the wonders of this world, are the wonders and now”

Adele, 19

Adele, the deep that slows my roll, unbolted the dustiest of latches, bringing life to death and light to dark.  My experience is similar to Shadow’s experience in the shifting house of riddles (American Gods, Neil Gaiman).  Music has always fed my soul, but now I am allowing it to nourish my mind and soon to fill my lungs to complete the balance of mind, body, and soul.  Rewrite: It is nourishing my mind and will fill my lungs because I surrender to music and to the path toward my yin and yang balance.  I have no control to allow or not to allow the music to rush in because rush in–rush in, it will.  To this end, I now own the music for Adele’s 21 album in addition to Blues and Soul Christmas music.  Rush in, Rush in, Rush, in, Rush, ing, Rushing, Russian..

Piano practice for this rushing Russian begins with the goal to share and perform la musica en Tejas over Thanksgiving when I return to Austin, where the wonders of the world truly merge in a bliss of love, music, and art.  My hometown is not just a town I call home.  It is the Live Music Capital of the World, a place that is proud to Keep Austin Weird by supporting the most obscure of existences and celebrate them larger than fame (see Leslie and the small shows that sell out faster than celebrity touting).  Austin likes the smell of its own farts, nay, it loves them and shares them and makes them beautiful by contrasting them with appreciation.  This is much like how white is white when contrasted with black; that is, yin and yang, mis amores.  That is Austin. Hometown glory.

Me voy to quell the first pang of homesickness I’ve experienced in near 27 years after several years astray.  My return to the home of the SXSW music festival comes as the last note of the fart of a year I scaled is no longer held by pedal or foot.  It marks the starting note, the first toot, if you will, of my pursuit of balance.  Que armoniosa! How harmonious that my return to the keyboard begins with the C de Tejas and live music!  Que armoniosa que mi first soul step begins at my life’s Middle C.

Home is where the music is..

Hear THAT.

Sing it Adele:

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