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Manifesto: the beginning

Cizzle, on manifestos:

The plan is to plan a plan so I’m going to need a plan.

A manifesto, according to the lovely Ms. Merriam-Webster, is “a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer.”  In other words, it’s the ish that the plan is all about, the ish that started it all.

I have tossed and turned my entire life waiting to be the person that lives the life I want to live.  I will no longer lay restless in the lukewarm bed of my own patience.  One score and seven years ago, I was born and now I erect my freedom of thought and the pursuit of my life, my loves, and my happiness with the below proclamations.  This is the resurrection.  This is my manifesto:

I love music so I will practice it.

I love words so I will write them.

I love books so I will read them.

I love cultures so I will speak their languages.

I love countries so I will travel.

I love food so I will cook.

I love women so I will support them.

I love helping people so I will advance my career in wellness.

I love humanity so Ima keep it real.

I love myself so I will take care of her.

I love my friends so I will be present.

I love all of these things so I will sacrifice.

I suggest you write a manifesto.  I suggest you keep a form of journal or blog.  If there is anything you want to attain, I encourage you to do these things because I believe they will help you attain your desires just as they are helping me to attain my desires.

Resurr Resurrrect THAT..

This is the resurrection, but just so you know, this song is actually about racks:

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