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Cizzle, on this blog:

The beginning,

my yin,

the ebb before my flow,

the black before my white,

the dark before my light…

..the birth.

For once I was blind, but now I see, for once I was lost, but now am found.

The Dark Ages have ended, the dog days are over, ding dong the witch is dead so bring it on Middle Ages–I will find enlightenment, but first I must find my voice and so enters writer’s block…

Writer’s block is a … a block…a big bad block, a big bad block that this wolf blew at almost 27 years, if you include the human gestational period.  That is, until I realized I can blow until the juices flow, but I ain’t never gonna bring those piggies out that there house.  This blog is the journey of becoming one with the house.  This blog is the journey of finding my voice.

Unsubscribe now or forever hold your peace.

Read THAT…

A sampling of what’s to come…

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