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On the Fence

So you are saying I’m stubborn as a mule?! @#$^# Well, as it turns out, I’m okay with that–liberatingly okay with that.  Yes, I just made that a word–And don’t you argue with me!  Do you have a friend that knows you better than you know yourself?  I’m beyond amused when someone sheds new light on some trait that’s been carried around for years unbeknownst to its carrier, yours truly.  Besides stubbornness is not the worst thing one could be carrying around and not realizing it. Eep!  But I do consistently forget the depth of my own heels–probably because they’ve been dug in the ground for so long, I’m not sure where I end and the world starts.  That’s a fancy way of saying I’m opinionated and I won’t let YOU forget it.

Just today I had another episode of personality amnesia as I am calling it when I first heard Drake and Jamie Foxx’ new song, “Fall For Your Type”.  Initially, I was drawn to the title of the song–it hits a chord, a note if you will, with most of us habitual creatures of the night.  My opinion rang clear for that reason alone until I played the song.  Now one thing I DO know about myself is I can be brash when it comes to my opinions so I embraced my ambiguity. Know thyself and know thyself I did!  Those moments of uncommitted celebration were exactly what the song called for in order for it to call me.  Surprised by my own vacillation, I went back for more. Third go-round and my overworked eardrums finally surrendered and my opinions rushed back through my soul, returning to their deepest corners.

PLAY SONG HERE: Fall For Your Type

This song gets better the longer you do her–it’s my favorite kind of exhibited passion.  Slow to build, persistence and duration lead to the strongest emotions, the deepest loves, the most talented tortoises.  Bravo Foxx and Drake. You’ve reached my finish line and shown me another reason to appreciate myself and others.

This is why I love music. This is why music is art.  Art changes the willing. And God am I willing…

This post was inspired by an anonymous and very insightful friend of mine that I am happy to have met during my first few months in Massachusetts.

  1. 08/25/2011 at 8:56 am

    Great post and those videos in previous posts, thank you for publishing it. Love your site

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