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Rewarding Relationships for the Cost of Coffee

“Did you really want him to propose after the first coffee date?” Charlene St. Jean of the Purple Diamond exclaimed as the attendees at last week’s seminar laughed. Several veteran Beverly Chamber of Commerce members, including Charlene, presented “Using the Chamber Successfully”, especially targeted for all the recent additions to the Chamber’s membership since Sheila Field’s arrival as the Executive Director. Charlene was making a point about the emphasis that small businesses need to put on real relationship building in order to prosper. The Chamber can help this process along for about the cost of a coffee every week.

Beyond the number of people a business owner has the opportunity to meet, the Chamber hosts events as often as twice per week. Regular attendance to events and some follow-up give a member the chance to make memorable connections. Patricia Beckwith said, “The most relevant resource is to attend the Coffee connections, Ribbon cuttings and other networking events offered by the Chamber to market Constitution Financial Partners and keep it in front of my audience, the business community of greater Beverly.” Patricia knows the importance of keeping her presence alive in the community.

The other side effect of regular attendance is building cooperative liaisons. As rapport is built amongst members, referrals from other members encourage new customers to choose and trust another member’s company over competitors. Bringing business cards to every event is crucial so other members can pass along the card later for an easy referral. Chamber members can also depend on each other to give perspective on industries and potential customers another member might be trying to reach out to, giving that member an edge in an industry they have no experience in.

It is not just the connections members make with each other. The Beverly Chamber staff is there during normal business hours to support members through common challenges. Making an appointment with them gives them an opportunity to provide relevant educational materials and to help facilitate cooperative liaisons by getting to know a member’s business. They excel at connecting business owners with other business owners that will result in a mutually beneficial relationship. The seminar was after all just another example of members helping other members succeed. And connections are not just limited to the Beverly Chamber. This week there is an After Hours event with the Peabody Chamber of Commerce. Be sure to check it out at R&L Associates in Beverly from 5:30 to 7:30 on Thursday! Join the Chamber this week to take the first step towards becoming part of a rewarding network.

Other tips covered at the seminar were making sure your website link is in the directory and on the Chamber website, doing a direct mail piece easily with Chamber provided mailing labels, getting time on BevCam, event sponsorship, and joining a subcommittee. Checkout benefits of membership on www.beverlychamber.com.

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