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I pledge..

Independence Day 2009, SwervePoint launched yet another firecracker. The team was sent down to the Ocean Spray headquarters to parade the new Ocean Spray Company Store. We’d overcome a bombardment of technological challenges and merchandised by the dawn’s early light. SwervePoint couldn’t be more proud to be presenting this brave new store.

The team marched straight down to the opening mobile boutique. We heard tales of awe over the new store’s Made In The USA T-shirts.  So SwervePoint immediately stockpiled up and the T-shirts, featuring a stars and stripes Ocean Spray logo, flew off the shelves like fireworks. Customers were surprised and delighted just in time for the 4th of July.

SwervePoint’s allegiance to deliver merchandise spangled with logos at the time of our clients’ needs is what keeps customers celebrating.  I forever pledge to serve the customer base with speed and style so their events and their brand are remembered.

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